Health + Nutrition Program

Cow Herd Health and Nutrition

Our cows graze on a combination of Native Mesquite and improved Bermuda pastures. They are provided Purina Accuration 32-10 liquid supplement and Purina All-Weather mineral tubs. They are also provided 20% breeder cubes depending on age and current environmental conditions. We also use cubes to pen the cows, all cattle are gently handled on foot inside the pens. Any cow that shows behavioral issues is culled immediately.

After calving, all cows are given an udder and teat score, any cow with udder or teat issues will be culled no later than weaning. We AI all cows 2-3 months after calving and then turn in our clean-up bulls, the fact that we parent verify all calves born on the ranch allows us to use multiple bulls in larger pastures. After weaning, all cows are palpated and scored for body condition. Our zero tolerance policy requires culling of any open or sub BCS 5 cows.

Our vaccination program includes Exalt 6+VL5 and rotational deworming (Dectomax, Ivomec Plus, and Cydectin) before AI and at palpation.


  • Birthweight taken immediately after birth
  • Udder score
  • Test score
  • Calving ease score 

3-4 weeks of age:

  • Exalt 6 BRD vaccine
  • UltraBac 8 vaccine
  • DNA sample taken to verify parentage, provide Genomic Enhanced EPD, identify coat color(Homozygous v. Heterozygous), and test for any known possible genetic defects.

2-3 months of age:

  • Exalt 6 BRD vaccine
  • UltraBac 8 vaccine
  • Pour-On dewormer
  • Introduced to Purina Receiving Chow


  • Bovishield Gold one shot MLV -UltraBac 8 vaccine
  • Injectable Dewormer
  • Weight recorded
  • Bulls are placed on pasture and supplemented Accuration Forage Extender free choice until yearlings.
  • Heifers are placed on pasture and supplemented to gain 2-2.5# per day.
  • Culls are backgrounded 45 days and placed on full feed until shipped to slaughter. Carcass data available upon request.

Yearling (11-13 months):

  • Scanned for REA, IMF, and Fat thickness
  • Weight recorded
  • Scrotal circumference recorded
  • Fertility tested
  • Placed on pasture and hand supplemented 7-12# of Cattle Limiter LW-1 until marketed.
  • Vista VL5/UltraBac 8 vaccine
  • Scanned for REA,IMF, and Fat thickness
  • Weight recorded
  • Vista VL5/UltraBac 8 vaccine
  • Placed on pasture and supplement then AI’d at 14-15 months of age