Our History

Tuna Rosa Genesis (2002-2013)

     Elliott and Trammell purchased their first 30 dual Registered (ARBA/IBBA) Red Brangus in 2002 from the R2 Ranch in Fisher, Texas. The first 10 years were focused on building a Red Brangus herd organically with selected acquisitions that were utilized to upgrade the overall quality. During this ten year period TRR did not sell any heifers as they continued to build their herd. 

     In 2014, the TRR team struggled to find Red Brangus genetics better than what they were producing at Tuna Rosa. At that time, Elliott determined that Tuna Rosa was at a crossroads and a radical change in the business model would be required in order for them to take their business to the next level. After an intense and diligent phase of accumulating information and many meetings with the Executive Vice President of the IBBA and top of the class Brangus breeders, Elliott and Trammell had a new plan. 

Enhancing Genetics (2013-2018)

     DNA was collected on the entire herd and the strict IBBA guidelines determined about one-third of their herd eligible for registration with the IBBA. The remaining ARBA registered cows were utilized as surrogates for IBBA embryos and all IBBA cows were artificially inseminated. The conversion to a 100% IBBA Red Brangus herd was accomplished by the end of the 2018 breeding season. During this period, the TRR team began acquiring IBBA Black Brangus with genetic traits in the top 10% of the breed for production and carcass quality. 

Advancing Brangus Genetics

The Transformation (2018-2022)

     All cattle at TRR are Parent Verified and 100% free of known Genetic Defects. Through DNA testing, all EPD’s are genomically enhanced. Ultrasound data is accurately collected, recorded and analyzed for breeding decisions. The homozygous Black Brangus Bulls and Cows produced will have genetic traits with favorable growth characteristics while balancing the objectives of fertility and calving ease. More importantly, they will have carcass quality for the producer looking for enhanced economics. Our Red Brangus will be top of breed and will perform optimally under similar environmental conditions in the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America.